In this feature we aim to show and give you the following:

The top 5 qualities a strong woman exhibits everyday.

Why being with such a person will only ever improve you.

Offer you a check list to see if you are one.

Guide and empower you to become the very best version of your perfect self.

So what qualifies as a strong woman: Well apart from the fact her struggles, past pain and sacrifices, her strength lies deep inside her and at times may have wavered but it has never gone. A strong woman will take a million hits and keep going, a strong woman will always show you exactly who she is, what she is and that includes all her strengths and her vulnerabilities, a strong woman has fought every battle and still remains self sufficient, independent and above all loving. If this sounds like you or you are in a relationship with someone like this then you can consider yourself privileged to be her or be in a relationship with her. The most attractive quality in the world is strength and not being afraid to show it. However sometimes in life we can forget all of the above and give in to that crippling and should destroying emotion we call anxiety. This has a way of reducing even the strongest of us to our knees and its at that point we forget everything and focus on the emotion. DON’T remember everything you are about to read and never ever lose sight of just how strong and powerful you have been and will be again because a strong woman never and I mean never gives up or in. Here we share the top 10 qualities a strong woman possesses:

  1. SHE DOESN’T NEED ANYONE TO FIGHT FOR HER: Heres the thing partners won’t tell you, they need to feel wanted,they need to know they are fighting for ever lasting love and affection. A strong woman will definitely show that but she can manage her battles on her own and you will also discover they will fight the partners battles also. If a problem comes up she will go straight in and deal with it, no victim cards to be played and no relying on a partner to sort it out for her.
  2. SHE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS: A strong woman isn’t a child in a sweet shop, she has a plan in her minds, she has her life planned out and knows exactly what she wants in life and also knows exactly how she is going to do it. She doesn’t rely on a partner to make choices for her, she doesn’t look at a partner when options are in front of her for her life. She makes them based on where her life is going and what her long term plan is. The have infectious personalities and are also considerate of a partners feelings and emotions, so expect them to make a choice and also do it with the partners feelings in mind. Strong women do not just hurt other simply because they are strong, they are as close to perfection as you could find.
  3. . A STRONG WOMAN WILL SEE THROUGH LIES: Ok if you are with a strong woman here is the number 1 tip that will stand you in good stance for life, DO NOT LIE TO THEM. They have a very strong lie/BS detector in them and will not stand for it in any way shape or form, they will call you out straight away on your lies and hold you accountable for the lies you tell. Why so important, because above all a strong women is extremely honest and in return will demand the same in return, it’s called having high standards in life and honesty sits at the very top of it. They have lived a life and listened to a million lies and have no time in life for it and it takes away all the respect and that’s second on the high standards list. Lies include verbal and physical and all you will do is break the trust. A strong woman will not be in a relationship of any kind where the trust has been broken.
  4. A STRONG WOMAN IS NOT AFRAID OF LOVE AND INTIMACY: Think back to the standards we spoke about earlier and one of the most amazing feelings in the entire world is love and she will embrace it with everything she has and intimacy goes hand in hand and she fears neither. A strong woman is extremely comfortable with her femininity and will be open to every aspect of love and intimacy. You will never find a more amazing feeling in the world when she gives you both, but be prepared to work hard and never become complacent or take it for granted because another thing is she knows her own self worth, what she wants, needs and deserves in life and will not be afraid to open the communication lines if what she has falls short.
  5. A STRONG WOMAN IS INTENSELY  CONSISTENT: She never falters no matter how hard her day, week or month has been. Her standards are high and they never drop she doesn’t suffer fools gladly and will not stay in a position in life that doesn’t work for her, add to her or make her feel the love, respect and compassion she gives out. She loves unconditionally and is able to nurture anyone in her life to bring the very best out in them and expects the very same in return. The word weak is not even in her vocabulary and is as happy single as she is in a relationship. She will not wait for anyone in life or hold back in letting you know when things are going wrong, but will always have the solution before the problem has even arisen. A strong woman is just that a strong woman.


So as you read this do you see all the qualities in yourself or has anxiety started to eat away at them and you have lost who you are, please don’t worry about it, simply close your eyes, remember who you are and we wake to a new day and go again.

Serenity by Kevin