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Failure is a bend in the road: Not the end of the road.

Read the title, read it again now say it out loud.   Now answer me this, how many times have you picked the destination before you have even finished the journey. At times, we are own worst enemy in life, especially when it comes to our own thoughts and the future. Most of the times…

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Procrastination: Lets make a change

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today, it’s now or never, seize the moment, live for today, what you waiting for, sometimes later becomes never.  We have all heard these amazing wonderful sayings, we have all been told them a million times and the likelihood is we have said them just as many,…

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What’s you're Self-worth: How we can improve it.

You see it on TV all the time, you hear it on the radio, in adverts, other people’s social media pages the messages all seem to say the same: Love yourself before loving others, you are worth better, you are amazing, you deserve to be happy. The quotes and sayings go on and on and…

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