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Where has your fight gone.

You have three basic choices in life. Give up, Give in, or give it all you’ve got. Me I choose the third each and every day when I wake because I know the outcomes and the end goals are achievable. I have been overachieving for what some would say all my life. I have been…

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Lost love and moving on.

How many people sit and think about the one that got away, how many people sit and dream about the love they let go for whatever reason. Answer around 80% of people wish they had held on or made more of an effort in the relationship that they so freely gave up on or gave…

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Memories, letting go and making new.

We hear it day after day after day here at Serenity NLP” I just can’t let go of the memories”. You’re wrong, you can!. ¬†Some memories will stay with you forever and they can always be looked on with grace and elegance and for what they were. Some memories, however, can do more damage than…

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