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As a featured columnist in the Ayrshire Posts Lifestyle section Kevin Mullin is the founder of Serenity NLP Hypnotherapy and Coaching, a hypnotherapy and NLP  practice dedicated to ensuring the very best in hypnosis and NLP with instant fast and effective change being at the forefront of our minds. Kevin is an expert in Hypnosis and NLP and is one of the most forward thinking hypnotherapists in the UK. He is an experienced hypnotherapist and Practitioner of NLP having appeared in exclusive features for both national and local news papers and press such as the Sun and Daily Record. Having written and published a book based on relationship management and recovery he offers a very unique and dynamic approach to Specialised Therapy and recovery from Anxiety, stress and weight and relationship management amongst varies others such as fear, phobias, smoking and other life problems.

High-End High Impact Life coaching

Kevin Mullin is fast becoming a life coach to be reckoned with. His drastic change model has been used to great effect with each and every client who under takes it. Life coaching in general is all about words and then putting them into actions. With the Serenity High-end approach, we then use the Hypnosis element of the practice to enforce and re enforce any changes or direction that the client wants to go in. Making it easier to make the changes a reality allowing you to pick your dreams and goals and really go at them giving you a realistic chance of making them a reality and not just words. 

(This morning I went to a meeting for my new business, I went in full of confidence and controlled the conversation and steered it where I wanted it to go. I got exactly what I was after and I wouldn't have been able to do that without Serenity NLP High-end High impact life coaching)

Happiness happens only by change not chance, so let's start the change today by getting in touch with us here at Serenity

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