Relationship/Couples therapy

We offer a specialised relationship therapy / couples therapy service in our Glasgow and Ayr offices .This is for those experiencing relationship difficulties or whose specific problems are affecting their lives or even the lives of those around them in ways that are hard to navigate.

The romantic notion of living happily ever after is something that unfortunately only holds true in fairy tales, and love stories.

In the real world, daily pressures, invisible walls of communication, anger, money and intimacy issues can all create challenges, in even the strongest, happiest relationships.

Your Relationship with your partner can be the most rewarding, yet challenging parts of your life. Achieving and maintaining relationship satisfaction and harmony requires constant work, commitment and compromise.

This is where Serenity by Kevin come in. We don’t take sides, we dont offer meaningless advice and we show you a whole new world inside relationships using tried and tested relationship skills we don’t hold back as we know what awaits you on the other side of this journey.

We work with individuals and couples to show and teach them how to communicate more effectively, develop and deepen intimacy, re gain and re built trust and respect where needed and achieve fulfillment in their relationships. 

We have done all the hard work so you dont need to and we are only a message away from a whole new relationship.

We cover:

Relationship break downs.

Relationship recovery.

Addictions in relationships.

Loss of emotional/Physical intimacy.

Broken/limited communication in relationships.

Leaving relationships.

Re starting relationships.

Life after Baby relationships.