1-1 Online Anxiety Reduction Therapy

How would it be if we could simply press a reset button and go back to the point when you didn’t have the fear, the anxiety, the phobia or the habit that is damaging you. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Given the current situation it would be easy to get caught up in a world ruled with anxiety, worry, stress and fear. If left alone anxiety will remain long after the event that created it has passed and in this instance we mean COVID-19. Here we have worked hard to bring you an online 1-1 therapy with HIT Creator Kevin Mullin that will allow you to make sense of what is going on and take back control over your anxiety. Happiness only happens by change and not chance, So grab your chance to create the change you need.

No long drawn out explanations, no going over your past and re living all the things that created it. Just fast dynamic change.

We are ready, willing and able. The question remains are you?

Anxiety Reduction therapy will include:

  • x 4 40 min Zoom sessions with Kevin Mullin
  • Personalised MP3 after the first session
  • 1-1 online support with Kevin throughout

Taught and shown some of the most powerful anxiety removal methods and techniques used everyday by Serenity by Kevin for future use.