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Margaret Avatar

I have been driving for around 28 years and never had a problem...until around 5 years ago. Out of nowhere, driving over the Erskine Bridge brought fear and terror to me one day. I couldn't breathe. My head felt like it was about to explode and my chest ached so much. I kept my foot on the brake and dropped to 1st and 2nd gear because I actually thought 'I am going to fall off the bridge'. I then noticed over the months later that I was struggling on 'some roads', and I was convinced my brakes would snap. I accepted all this and gradually pulled my driving back to just being around town because I did not like the feelings that were springing up on me.. I was limiting my freedom. The last straw was December 2018. I was diverted up a steep windy road that just kept going up and up. I had never been here before and the terror I felt was awful. The feeling was so much worse than that day on the bridge. My head was so sore, my chest and throat felt like they were in a vice and I could barely make sense talking. I couldn't even cry properly it was crazy. Someone had to drive my car back down that steep road again. I remembered seeing a post about Serenity on Facebook and that night I knew I had to contact him. I emailed and got my 1st appointment for the following week. After the 1st session I felt I was more in control of my feelings so I made a point of driving down a hill that was beginning to give me some anxiety. After the 2nd session I went to that steep 'S bend' road and got a little 2 second flutter in my chest but did not affect me in any way. I had my 3rd session midweek. Yesterday I went over the Erskine Bridge, had a lovely day with family, did the 's bend' road again and felt absolutely amazing

My thoughts driving over the bridge yesterday..Piece of cake! It really was time for this anxiety to go!

Kevin has set me free from the driving anxiety I had. His intervention in only 2- 3 sessions speaks volumes.

I would highly recommend Kevin if you have any anxieties. Mine came that day on the bridge and set limitations for me for years. Not any more!

Kevin......thank you

Ceri Warlow

I had my fourth and final session with Kevin today and really there are no words to describe what this guy has done for me. I went in there on the 7th Of December a broken woman, I couldn’t get out of my bed I couldn’t leave the house on my own and if I did I had anxiety attacks. It took him 18 minutes of me talking about things for him to know exactly what to do and now just less than a month later I celebrated Christmas and new year with my family a strong woman again. I strongly urge anyone who has anxiety and it’s holding you back from being you to go and see Kevin. He has changed my life for the better. I had to quit 2 jobs in the space of a month because anxiety held me back, now I’m more than ready to get working and my life back again!!


I attended a four session block with Kevin to help with exam stress and associated anxiety. After session one I began to feel more confident and was able to deal with situations that I previously had struggled with. Now the course is complete I feel much better prepared to deal with workload and studies. I do not have the same worries and am able to put things in perspective which will help me deal with any situations that arise in the future. I would absolutely recommend Serenity NLP, thanks Kevin.

Brian Heavey Avatar
Brian Heavey

Probably like everyone else I was sceptical about signing up to HIT, however 15 mins into my first appointment Kevin managed to remove that feeling of heaviness from my chest. After each session I would leave feeling much more positive about life.

I had my 4th and final session today and would highly recommend HIT to anyone suffering with anxiety issues

Leah G Avatar
Leah G
24/12/18 - Google

Highly recommend Kevin. I had passed my driving test almost 9 years ago and developed a fear. I had bad anxiety when behind the wheel so I stopped. I went to Kevin couple months ago and after the first session, I felt confident enough to try driving again. After another session I was able to drive without any panicking or anxiety! People who know me know how bad the fear was but I am now confident in driving and I’m enjoying it!

Nancie Avatar

What can I say, Kevin you truly are a star. Having completed my four session at Serenity NLP Hypnotherapy and Coaching I have a new zest for life and look forward to the challenges that 2019 will bring. I hide my anxiety well from the majority of people, but realised it was taking over my life and I needed to make changes. Having researched numerous companies Serenity NLP Hypnotherapy and Coaching looked like the best option and I was not disappointed. To say I was sceptical would have been an understatement, but I went with an open mind, wanting to turn my life around. I felt positive after my 1st appointment, but then had a bit of a wobble just before my 2nd. Kevin helped me through this and I have not looked back since my 2nd appointment. 2019 has many new challenges for me and I can’t wait to experience them, with my new positive outlook. I highly recommend Serenity NLP Hypnotherapy and Coaching to anyone how is suffering however big or small your anxiety is. Thank you Kevin

Julieann Reid Avatar
Julieann Reid
19/12/18 - Google

I would like to thank you Kevin for the amazing work you have done. I came in struggling to understand my own mind. I have dealt with depression and anxiety on and off for many years and for the first time in a long time I can say I feel at peace. I know where I want my life to go and I know I will get me there. I cannot thank you or recommend you highly enough.

Natasha Kelly Avatar
Natasha Kelly

All I can say is go and see Kevin and leave your scepticism at the door because he will change your life !!

I’ve battled with mental health for over ten years, lost relationships , isolated myself , constantly played or replayed scenarios in my head working myself into a bag of nerves , always anxious or jumping , missed out on soo many things because I allowed my mind to stay in a negative place without even realising. Kevin has helped me find my self worth again and regained my confidence and thanks to him I can be a better girlfriend, mother, daughter , sister, aunty and friend. If your like me and tried every tablet, remedy or self help you can think of then I cannot recommend this man enough

Candice Bleakly Avatar
Candice Bleakly

I arrived at my first appointment with Kevin feeling seriously nervous, anxious, and totally out of my comfort zone. The day I reached out for help was the day I hit breaking point, having suffered from severe depression in the past I was so worried that I was slipping back down a dark hole. I was so angry all the time, the littlest things would frustrate me to the point that my mind felt like it was exploding inside. I struggled to sleep through the night and was always lacking energy and motivation. I fell away from the gym and social outings as I just had zero confidence to do any of these things I once enjoyed. Anyone on the outside looking in would NEVER think I had these thoughts going on in my head as I hid everything very well behind a smile, one of the easiest but yet hardest things I done, because when I got home it was the last thing I wanted to do, I stopped smiling, stopped laughing, I just totally lost myself. It was a horrible time for myself and my family around me, it just wasn't me!! Now, anyone that knows me, knows that I hate to spend a lot of money on anything, like EVER, but I can honestly say there is just no price you can put on this therapy which Kevin gave me. He has TOTALY changed my life, as in I feel like Candice again. I received my first treatment on October the 24th and my last on November 14th, I can honestly say from the first session I have not felt any of the above feelings. I have not stopped smiling, I have laughed so much, I have cried real tears of joy and sadness (which I struggled to do for a long time). I have not once felt that anxious feeling or tightness in my chest,I've not got angry or frustrated at anything, I no longer struggle to take deep breaths or get stressed out at minor situations. I have been in so many situations that previously I would never have been able to cope with due to anxiety, re joining the gym being one of them. I was accepting for so long that I had 'mental health' issues, things had happened in the past which would effect me forever and I just wouldn't be the same person again, but I realised that that doesn't have to be the way. Kevin took away the feeling that I had related to these situations and I couldn't even explain to you how he done it but it is something I am just so grateful for. I can't recommend him enough. Apologies for the length of this review but I just wanted to really explain how much this therapy has changed my life and hopefully this will help towards others feeling the same. Thanks again Kevin!!

Billy Campbell Avatar
Billy Campbell

5 years ago I lost my job and my life came crumbling down I was at the lowest point of my life Iv ever been . Many o time I wanted it to end but I never had the balls to do it. I eventually went to doctors for help so after many o medication changes , councillor sessions and doctor appointment I’m still the same 4 year after . I read about Kevin on Facebook and thought this guys getting these folk to write reviews for him as there’s no way he’s changing folks lives with a click of the finger and sure as hell I was wrong . I went to Kevin last week and can’t speak highly enough of him such a great guy and understanding. Whatever he done to me I will be grateful forever . This man has changed my life big time The confidence I have and the anxiety Free has made me feel like a new person . Please folks I know how folk suffer and it ain’t nice go along to this man as it’s yhw best thing you’ll ever do . Thanks again Kevin your a hero

olivia banner

Kevin helped me with my anxiety and a few other things in my life. He is very professional at what he does he gave me back my confidence and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs his help always grateful Kevin thankyou you turned my life around.

Jeanette Morrow

i found Kevin through an advert on Facebook, i have used both the Hypnio Gastric Band and the HITT Anxiety Program. With the Gastric Band i am 10 weeks in and lost over 4st,, i tried all the other fad diets and shakes before and they never worked for me, the gastric band will work for you if you put in the effort and follow Kevin's instructions.

Before i did the HITT program i was on tablets for depression and Anxiety and after 2 weeks on this program i was off them all , I am now a lot more confident and have set up a new business which is flying, i couldn't have done this before

Kevin Wyper

Very nice professional man. He did help me. After the sessions I felt better.

Yasmin Bakhait

I have finished the Anxiety HIT program with Serenity NLP and can't believe the difference in myself. After just one of Kevins therapy sessions something changed within me and even though i was sceptical at first , sure enough, a 20 year old phobia that held me back for so long , was gone. I feel liberated and have an altogether better and more relaxed attitude to life. Thankyou Kevin.


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