Client Feeback

Pamela - Ayr Scotland

*I went to Serenity NLP and met Kevin after suffering terrible Anxiety for years. I had seen therapists in the past, I was on medication and none of it worked, after only 4 sessions with Kevin, I am back out living my life again as I got a lot of out my appointments. Yea I still have bad moments but that is simply life and anxiety is not holding me back.

Andera - 10 out of 10: Ayrshire Scotland

*I suffered from stress and anxiety after having a breakdown. Having tried conventional therapy to no avail everything changed the day I met Kevin he changed my life and that of my family. I would recommend his services to anyone. I now look forward to what the future has in store for me. I can relax and enjoy my life without stressing about everything.

Shona - 5 stars: Glasgow Scotland

*I have suffered from Anxiety and I have tried, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Hypnotherapists and even a Herbalist all to no avail. Kevin helped me more in one hour than all these combined He gave me insight into my thinking and put me at ease straight away he has given me my life back. I am now in control and cannot thank Kevin enough for all his help and support.

Trish G- Ayrshire Scotland

*Kevin at serenity has been helping my son with muscular dystrophy deal with anxiety and coming to terms with his condition. The change was immediate, he has had 4 sessions and is a different boy 😁 Thanks so much to Kevin he has changed his life and is always there when Luke needs him

Elaine K- Ayrshire Scotland

"Night & Day"
*Where do I start, at the age of 33 and having a breakdown and a relapse 18 months later I thought my time was up!
After a friend spotted an advert on Facebook for Serenity NLP I contacted the number given and made an appointment. When I entered the room to say I was shocked when I met Kevin is an understatement "a guy, no chance I'm not talking to him he won't understand", how wrong I was! Kevin made me feel at ease the minute I met him, as walking through the door was the hardest thing! Kevin explained what NLP was and for once in my life something made sense what was going on in my head for the past 25 years. There was no judgement or opinions on Kevin's part and he made me feel safe to discuss difficult situations! While I am still receiving treatment my life is night and day due to the help, commitment and support I receive from Kevin through NLP and Hypnotherapy. Kevin guided me that life is worth living and bad days will come and go but I will always be worth happiness!

Kevin W- Glasgow Scotland

*I've been going to Serenity for the Hypnotic Gastric band for 6 weeks now. So far I've lost 2st the most I've ever lost on any diet and I'm not finished yet. Kevin is straight talking and tells you how it is. It's not easy you need to put the work in but it's worth it. I get a text from Kevin each morning asking how I'm doing which helps keep me focused. If you want to lose weight but are not scared to put in hard work and effort Kevin will help you get the results

Yasmin B- Glasgow Scotland

*To anyone who wants to give up smoking I'd really recommend Serenity Hypnosis. I'd tried everything to give up but the addiction was far stronger and it was taking control of my ability to change. I'd came across serenity and thought, why not try hypnosis as I'd heard it was quite a good way to change but I wasn't too sure if it would work as all my friends smoke, and I craved cigarettes most when I was drinking so I was sceptical but to my surprise, after the session of hypnotherapy I haven't had the urge to smoke at all. In fact, I feel sick when cigarette smoke is around me. I'm looking forward to feeling the benefits of being a non-smoker from now on and I'm very very happy I decided to go for hypnosis. Kevin made me feel at ease and was very nice and friendly.

Paul F - Swansea Wales

*I decided to visit Kevin after trying other methods  and never succeeding. If I am honest I was sceptical at first however Kevin explained what the aim of the sessions was but more importantly made me feel totally relaxed. Well I have waited before giving a review and it is has been a while since I last had a cigarette and I have not even felt like one. I have been around those who continue to smoke and even on social nights out but still felt strong and no urge. I still have a long way to go but on this evidence, I strongly recommend Kevin as he has succeeded where all other options have failed. Thanks

Derdre West - 5 Stars: Huila US

*You will never find a more compassionate, insightful counsellor than Kevin. When I recently had a set back in my own healing Kevin got me back on track and looking ahead at the future, Instead of dwelling on the past. I have been to counsellors in the past, but they lack his knowledge and insight. He's been there and can relate. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. We need more people like him in this field.

Valeria Fioriti -  Bologna Italy

*Dear Kevin, I am so happy to have known you and your Serenity NLP method. I felt released and much better only after a one hour of relaxation and visualization exercises, Yes, you are very very good and again I say thanks to you.



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