How can something so small make such a big difference, well we are going to explain just that.

They are small don’t use much power to run them, and can have such a powerful effect on your mood and mindset if the truth was known about how powerful these small boxes really are they would sell for much more the £10- 15.

You see anxiety has a grip on us, anxiety has control over our thoughts, feelings and emotions and for us to regain back control one of the first things we must learn to do is think differently. In order for us to do that we have to behave differently. Anxiety isn’t just going to go away because we want it to, anxiety is going to go away because we make it. We make it by changing what we do, how we do it and why we do it. The most important person in all of this is you, Not your parents, partner or friends it’s all down to you so let’s take a small but important step in the battle and let’s make a start.

Our very first and last thought, feeling or emotion of the day is without a doubt going to set the tone, we are so used to waking up and acknowledging that heavy crippling emotion and from there it feels like it is in charge of our whole day. Heres where the lightbox comes in.

The first thing we do is buy it. They can be found in most high streets and also the larger retail outlets and even in supermarkets now and cost no more than £10-15. We then set it up where it is the last thing we see before we go to sleep and the first thing we see when we open our eyes. We then take three or four powerful words and make a statement, the one I have in my home is,


You see the very first thing I see in the morning on the bedside table is that light, warm, soft and gentle but the words are strong, powerful and very realistic. The second I open my eyes I read it I feel it and it has my entire focus, In my own mind I am sending a message to anxiety as I read it out in my mind and it says, No not today anxiety because today I fight back and funnily enough it actually raises a slight smile on my face, it makes me feel powerful, strong and fully in control of what I am about to do. It tells me how to live my day and it puts my mindset exactly where I want it to be. It fills me full of hope and allows me to channel my inner strength and determination.

This simple and cheap method is a constant reminder that you can take control, that you have strength and power to beat and fight, With this we are starting and finishing our day with a strong positive statement, that leads to a thought that leads to an emotion and as you know we are lead by our emotions.   So I ask you for the sake of a few pounds, dollars or even Yen what really have we got to lose. Happiness happens by doing something different, by fighting, by wanting this to go so let’s make a start and buy your self a very small but very powerful lightbox.

Love always Serenity