Firstly and I want you to read this as many times as it takes for you to believe me. You can rewire the cause of your anxiety & replace it with calmness and peace of mind. Anxiety is very real and it is happening and I know better than anyone just how bad it can get and how debilitating it can become, but I promise you it can be fixed and Serenity NLP are masters of the art when it comes to this subject. So let’s read on and see how we can make a start and how to deal with this horrid issue everyone at some point in life will face.

You are not hardwired, you can change. I know your reading this and saying, yes but I have had this forever and nothing is working. That’s part of the problem you believe a thought over a fact and facts will always outweigh thoughts as they are real and the thoughts just seem real. Go on google right now anxiety success cases and you will see thousands of people from all over the world beat this each and every day, so why aren’t you one of these people. The simple answer is that you just haven’t been shown the right way yet. Ok the health care system in the UK is decent, however, the record on dealing with any form of mental health issue is shocking. No, I just don’t think it I know it and have seen first hand how slow and lethargic they are to help with these issues, however, we have some amazing therapists that deal with this day in day out and are masters of dealing and fixing these problems. Do some research make some calls and you will be surprised at how fast these guys and girls are at seeing you and helping you beat it. You can change FACT and it is just a matter of finding the right person to help you achieve it.

Take 5. Now when these thoughts and patterns of thinking start to kick in sometimes it is impossible to remain in control so we have to cut them off as soon as we can and we call it take 5. The first thing we need to do is be realistic and look for a place we can be alone out of sight of the world as it were. If you are in a shopping centre of public street look for a shop with a toilet you can go into and get in the cubical, same as if you are at work and if you’re at home and you’re alone that’s fine. We need to quickly get back in control of this before it leads to an all out anxiety attack and remember, we are the only people who can control what we do and think so just look around and get yourself to a quiet space. Ok, now we don’t think everyone is watching us and looking we need to go through the following remember all we are doing at this stage is getting back control of our thoughts.

Close your eyes
When you start to get a faster heartbeat or sweating palms, the best thing is not to fight it.
Stay where you are and simply feel the panic without trying to distract yourself.
Place the palm of your hand on your stomach and breathe slowly and deeply.

The goal is to help the mind get used to coping with panic, which takes the fear of anxiety away. Once we get the breathing under control and heart rate down we can then refocus regroup and calm yourself down. Look the anxiety or panic has come and gone and FACT you’re still stood here. The world never ended you just had some bad thought processes and we just rode them out and we are still standing.

Look at Fact v thought. We need to challenge our negative thought pattern; we need to pit our thoughts against cold hard facts. Facts are real, they are black and white and can’t be argued with for example someone once told me I just get panicked when I think about an ex and I know I will never meet anyone like her again. So, the thought is now we won’t ever get better or find anyone to make us happy again. Let’s look at it from a fact point of view. We have around 7 Billion people in the world with 49.6% being female. so approx 3.9 billion females in the world and you are telling me you will never meet a partner who can give you what you need, if I were to offer you odds of 1 to 3.9 billion in your favour would you take that bet. So, we just take that logic and pit it against the negative thought you’re having that is the cause of anxiety as it were. It sounds so easy when put like that doesn’t it?

It’s ok not to be perfect. Tell me firstly who says you need to be perfect, I would hope no one, so why do you think you have to be, again the mind is so used to thinking one way that we actually believe these thoughts and when we don’t achieve them it has a knock-on effect and that can be a major cause of anxiety. Work, relationships, parenting, social life all of these things we are allowed to make mistakes in, there is no perfect manual for them and each and every one of us make mistakes with them and that’s ok it’s called life and as long as we can accept them and learn from them instead of being a negative it can also be a positive, we just need to remember life is all about learning and growing and letting it be what it will be.

Take time to talk. Don’t and I mean don’t bottle it up, the longer you do this the worse it becomes. We all have friends or family who will listen to us and if we don’t we have doctors help lines and therapist that are on call all day long. So instead of sitting overthinking and working yourself into a panicky state, reach out and talk, try to write down your thoughts and when the anxiety has ebbed a little go back and look at it and do the thought v fact section we spoke about. It’s all about re looking and trying to rethink how we see our problems and issues in order to calm them and make them more manageable for our day to day living.

I tell all my clients you can message me anytime day or night and we will calm you and get you back on track until we can have a proper 1-1 where we can then deal with them and there are plenty more like me who offer that service. So, when I tell you there is always someone willing to listen 24hrs a day I mean it and the resources we have in this day and age are limitless at times. Serenity NLP are here 24hrs a day for you and we will help you change your thinking and rid you of the Anxiety that is holding you back. We can be found at day or night.