So as the days, weeks and months progressed something happened. Something happened in the way we deal with and defeat anxiety and that something was called Anxiety HIT.

Anxiety HIT therapy was created by serenity NLPs very own international motivational speaker and therapist Kevin Mullin. It was designed to be different, it was designed to be fast, dynamic and like nothing else out their right now. It was designed to take away the conventional 8-12 week therapy plan that most therapies like to offer. It was designed so you don’t have to relive all those old memories, thoughts, feelings and emotions that have crippled you and it was designed to be the very opposite of  talking therapy,it is  a direct action therapy and it really has lived up to all the expectations of its creation only 12 months ago. So let us give you an insight into the thinking behind it, the reason for its creation and the outstanding results it achieves each and every day.

Why target Anxiety: Anxiety is something that has played a massive part in my life. I have watched it take hold of family, friends and loved ones for as long as I can remember. I also remember that when people close to me were suffering and getting ripped apart no one seemed able to help them, no one seemed to understand anxiety on a deeper level and no one gave it much thought despite the clear physical and emotional pain it brought. It was at this time I wished I could help, I wished I could do something and I wished I could simply reset them and remove anxiety so they didn’t have to get torn apart by it. At the time I couldn’t but truth be known that’s why we are so driven in our battle to rid everyone that comes to us with anxiety.  You see we have studied the same as the rest of the therapist and anxiety specialist out there but what we also have apart from academic knowledge is a depth of understanding with anxiety and as you know knowledge and understanding are very different things.

Old v New: Traditional hypnotherapy hasn’t really changed a great deal since it was founded. It tends to work with scripts and generic phrases and sayings and it is a case of the therapist treating anxiety and not the individual. We do use Hypnotherapy to some degree and we mainly use it towards the end of the HIT  therapy to rebuild confidence and self-esteem,  for that we find it very useful and we don’t go off the old generic scripts people use or you can download, we tailor every single session to the individual and not the problem. NLP, we really can’t say enough about NLP still a newcomer in terms of therapy it was only created in the 70s and has changed a fair bit since its conception by Bandler and Grinder in California in the 70s. It is our main weapon against anxiety and it allows us to go directly to the most powerful part of your entire set up, the subconscious. Only by going directly to the home of the anxiety can we then HIT it, remove it and replace it. This is done using NLP and from the inside out and why? because  it`s fast, effective, powerful and life-changing. It`s so powerful that others who witness and see it first hand, stand in amazement at how fast and effective it can be.

Who can it help: We don’t claim that this type of direct action therapy is the right fit for everyone. You see we are all very different people and we all need a different approach and direction. What we do say is if you are simply sick and tired of living with anxiety and really do want to try something different then Anxiety HIT may just be for you. Anxiety HIT is different for a very good reason because we are different, we never stop, we never rest and we never accept just being ok as a final outcome. We want you to have what we know you’re capable of and everyone is capable of anxiety-free life. Remeber we are normal walking, talking human beings and having anxiety is a normal human emotion. We need it, in fact, to push and drive us towards hopes, dreams and goals but like every other emotion it should come,  do its job and go and be replaced with a different emotion and so on and so forth. The problem happens when anxiety sits and blocks every other emotion from getting in and doing what they are designed to do.

What makes us different: For 18 years I spent my life in the ranks of the British Army. I learned, many things in that time and one of the most important things I took from my time was the passion and desire to give my all each and every day to everything I do. I learned just how powerful a positive mindset can be and how very powerful having a drive and determination unparalleled to anything you know can take you from despair to achievement in a split second. We don’t accept second best, we don’t just do things for the sake of it and we dispense with what doesn’t work and only embrace what does. Anxiety HIT was designed and formulated with the very best values and outlooks you could possibly ever imagine. It was designed, tried and tested and now in its prime, it is achieving things that even we didn’t foresee. Anxiety HIT is the new way of therapy and it is here to stay. Many the old and bold in the therapy world will say, the old way is the best way and won’t embrace the change and that’s ok. Again we say everyone is different and needs a different approach. We won’t say too much else about it apart from this.

4 sessions over 2 weeks might just be the best thing you ever tried. Don’t just take our word for it. Let the results tell you everything you need to know. Jump over to our facebook page where we update our results and feedback daily.