So many people get to the end of their life and are filled with regret, regret at the one that got away, regret about words spoken in anger, regret for the missed opportunities, regret for actions that could have hurt someone. The list is endless.  I want to show you and let you know that when the times comes for you to shuffle off this mortal coil, regret is something you don’t want. So let’s try and see how we can counteract it and live life to the full.

Enjoy the moment: Life is full of ups and downs, ins and outs, twists and turns. Life really is for living and enjoying the moments that will sculpt and define just how you are in life. The past really is gone, it cant be altered or changed and the future hasn’t arrived so all we really have is the moment and if we spend our time worrying about things that have gone and things that haven’t arrived we are wasting our time and not giving the present moment all our energy and focus.

Learn from the past: We all get it wrong, we all make mistakes, we all hurt people all be it unintentionally the trick here is to look at it take what you need to grow from it and don’t make the same mistake again. Do it once and we can accept it, do it twice and we clearly aren’t learning from our mistakes instead just repeating them time and time again.  Educate yourself on where you went wrong, why you went wrong and if you could do it again and have the right outcome what would you have had to change in order to do it. That’s where the lesson lies in the past its all about learning and then letting it go.

Fail, and fail big: So many people are afraid of failure but that just means you are looking at it wrong. Every successful business and person has failed time over time and kept going. And while we are at it i dont even like the word fail i prefer to call it a hard learning oppertunity. You see every hard learning oppertuinity will give you a million hints and tips on how not to suceed, how not to conduct yourself, how not to behave in relationships, so dont be afraid of failure it is all part of this crazy journey we call life.

Trust your gut instincts: Your intuition is your best source of guidance. Whereas rational decisions come from your thinking mind only, your gut is that “all-knowing” part of you that if paid close attention to and acted on, will never lead you astray. When we use logic as our primary thinking mode, we miss many opportunities that our gut may have led us to.

Practice kindness: Intentional kindness is life-giving. It works wonders in putting people at ease and improving relationships. A smile or kind gesture can make someone’s day brighter. Being kind is an easy practice that enhances our own lives and the lives of others, whether we know them or not.

Give every day your everything: So many people ask me how did we manage to take Serenity NLP from a thought to one of Central Scotlands busiest and most successful Hypnotherapy and Coaching practices with clients all over the world and travel to New York, Dublin and Florence to see clients and work with large-scale corporate companies and businesses. You really want to know the secret, ok here goes. Wake and run at the day and opportunities with every ounce of drive and determination you have. that’s  it that really is it we just give everyday everything we have and follow up on every opportunity that presents itself to you no matter how big or small. We just want to make a difference each and every day and as one person I may not change the world, but I will change the world for one person each and every day I am on this planet, so the message really is simple give it everything every day and don’t stop until you have what you set out to get.

Love, Laugh and Cry:  Come on get out there, get your heart broke, learn to recover, learn to accept, learn to cope, learn that crying is ok, learn equally that laughter is better and learn that this is life and it may not always be what we want it to be but we can live it with no regrets and enjoy each and every second we are blessed to be on this planet. Reach for the stars and you might just be surprised at how easy it can be to touch them if reach out properly and accept the pitfalls along the way.

And Finally:  Don’t hold on to anger or hate, these things do more damage to the person carrying them than the person they are intended for. The only emotion more powerful than love is hate and it is a heavy load to carry. I am not saying go out and be friends with everyone who hurt you along the way but I am saying forgive them, it says more about them than it does you. I forgive each and every person who has hurt me in the past, I look on them with sorrow and hope they grow and develop like I have. I hope they read blogs like this and have a reality check, I hope they also forgive me  if I ever hurt them. Forgiveness really is a key component to living without regret.

So as I sit here on a Saturday evening working on different articles and projects ready for the run up to Xmas, a song has just come on iTunes and despite it being sad initially  if you actually listen to the words it has such a positive intention, just like our subconscious so thought I would leave you with it and hope whatever you are doing this evening you take a second to look at what we said and live your life to the very best you can.