We all have hopes and dreams, some more realistic than others, but if we hope and dream big we will achieve big. You are as capable of achieving your hopes and dream just like the next person. We just need to keep our hopes and dreams alive every day. When we give up on them then what have we got to look forward to in life or get excited about anymore. I promise hopes and dreams are what keeps us focused and fighting for a better life no matter what the hope or dream could be the principles are the same, we just have to know how to keep that fire alight inside us and don’t let it burn out when we fail or take a knock. So, we have decided to share some thoughts and just give you a gentle reminder on how we achieve this day after day. Think positive, act positive. This is the key to so many success stories out there. If you empower your own mind to act in a positive way your actions will always follow. Some of the best stories have come from the worst backgrounds having being raised with poverty, heartache and dysfunctionality Why do they all succeed? because they kept a positive attitude and never gave up on their hopes and dreams. Wake every morning sit up take a breath smile to yourself and say, let’s get this done. Encourage yourself with a little pep talk before you even get out of bed. If that’s the first thing you think of and say to yourself each day, that’s what will stick in your mind and be the kick start to a positive outlook, and as we know after time and reputation thoughts become actions and action allow us to achieve our hopes and dreams. Don’t let others limit your beliefs. We should be surrounding yourself with positive energy, what do we mean by that. A simple look at a young child when they first wake, they are happy they are full of life and they don’t wake and think badly first thought in the morning. It’s the very same with adult’s people are negative because they choose to be and some people don’t want to change that, they don’t want to get help or guidance and that’s ok because that’s their life, not yours. These people don’t like to see others happy, enriched and full of life and they will try and project their negativity onto you. DONT allow it. Remember we are in charge of our thoughts feelings and actions and we have the ability to distance yourself from them. How many times have you woke positive and happy and before you know it someone has put you in a downer or taken your happiness from you. Remember we control our actions and we are choosing to be happy and achieve our hopes and dreams and we have to be in a good place with a positive and good outlook for that to even stand a chance. If at first, we don’t succeed. Some people say try try again, however, motivation and effort aren’t enough to help you achieve your hopes and dreams instead of trying the method that failed time and time again try this. If at first, we don’t succeed, change our method and try again. The likelihood is that if it didn’t work the first time and we gave it our all then it won’t work a second time. Take a few minutes and look at what you are trying to achieve, look at what went wrong and see if we can do it differently. We can change and achieve so much by switching methods and approaches. The bull in the china shop approach might work for simple physical activities but anything that involves any form of cognitive thought needs to be looked at with a different approach and somewhere along the line you will succeed at it. Plan it. Spur of the moment decisions and attempts may work for something but for long term realistic hopes and dreams we need to look at how we are going to achieve it. Don’t just say you want to improve your life style and let fate do the rest. Plan it out look at the areas that are not working and think about how we can change them and make them better. Set yourself out a plan and work from top to bottom. It is so important to believe in yourself also, if you go in to it half-hearted then expect half-hearted results. If we go at it with everything we have and keep going even when we don’t want to we will achieve it. Perseverance is key when planning and remember no one ever succeed first time around everyone fails or drops the ball at some point. We just get back up and stick to the plan and go again changing where we need to. Believe and commit. Don’t doubt your own ability and don’t let others doubt it also. Eliminate all self-doubt before we start out on our chosen path or dream, that way you have a positive mind set from start to finish. If people around snigger or don’t believe in you well that’s ok also limit your interaction with them on this subject and don’t let them hinder you or your progress. Remember these are your hopes and dreams no one else’s so keep focused and keep on track. You will accomplish amazing things once you get focused. Remember, we are talking about accomplishing your dreams here, that’s important. I am constantly challenging myself and having fun in the process. Why don’t we do it together? Solets start today by getting in touch with us here at Serenity NLP and we will reach for the stars and grab them.