Hypnosis has been around since 1770, when Franz Mesmer (1734–1815), a physician from Austria, started investigating an effect he called “animal magnetism” or “mesmerism”

And in truth, the old traditional method of hypnotherapy hasn’t changed a great deal since then, When a hypnotherapist lays you down on a sofa or fold up bed, puts earphones on you and use phrases like ” you will feel completely relaxed and go deeper and deeper” then you are looking at the old traditional hypnosis. This tends to be very directive and despite being largely unchanged it is still fairly effective and the majority of therapists out there tend to still use this method in therapy. This type of hypnosis does utilise the use of hypnosis scripts and structured generic phrases standardised along the way to fit generic issues and problems. This form of hypnosis is not detailed to deal with or address the individual client, but more of a general symptom removal. Some studies claim that this form of hypnosis can only achieve around a 30-40% success rate with the relapse rate higher. Again this is just a general study and no definitive figures have been provided recently.

As you know for everyone who has worked with us or visited us one of the things we mention is we don’t have a set process we use for everyone and as everyone is different we tailor our therapy to the individual.



This is part of the new approach or the Ericksonian hypnosis as it is called. This is a completely different approach to hypnotherapy. Each session is tailored to the individual needs and as a result, tends to achieve a higher success rate in general with longevity. A lot of research points to client factors being vital to the outcome in therapy.  This approach works around the needs of the clients and no generic structure or script is used. In modern hypnotherapy, you will assist the client to change the way they perceive the situation and build on cognitive awareness and change. The beauty of this is it is a non-directive so instead of telling and at times stating falsehoods to the client’s mind we offer possibilities for the client to discover, use and build on.

Traditional hypnotherapy was used in a social environment at first and stayed that way, We find that in this day and age just telling people what to do consciously or even sub-consciously doesn’t have the same outcome. Let’s be honest those days are pretty much dead and buried and people are much more lightly to resist when you just tell them what to do instead of being given the capabilities to do what they really want to in the first place.

Without a doubt, you can get results with the old method and it has stood the test of time and is a proven method. We choose not to utilise this method as much as we embrace the change that society brings, generations are different today and like anything change can be a good thing.

Think about it like this the old way is like how your parents in the 50s and 60s raised children. The new way is how you raise children in this day in age and it has progressed and changed with the current environment and times.  As they used to say in the military “change is a good thing and should be embraced otherwise you will be left behind. So for us, we shall stick with the new method.

Serenity NLP are without doubt tearing up the playbook when it comes to direct action therapy. If you want to embrace and feel a direct action change then we are only one call or message away

Love always Serenity x