In this article we will talk and show you the importance of:

Not accepting its ok not to be ok.

An alternative to the saying its ok to not to be ok.

How knowledge is not power, but action is.


Words are powerful, in fact they are everything in this day and age and they can help, enhance, raise up and direct a person’s mindset to the point of limitless opportunities and actions. On the other hand, they can hurt, damage and derail a person just as quick. Physical pain will come and go but emotional pain will and can often last a life time.

So many people say it’s ok to not be ok each and every day we see millions of posts about it every hour on FB or Instagram that tells you ” it’s ok not to be ok”.  Now as much as this will upset the unicorn and rainbow brigade the stark truth is it’s not ok to be not ok,  in fact far from it truth be told it is absurd in every single way to tell someone its ok to be permanently  anxious or permanently depressed or to have any other form of permanent emotional imbalance. Think about it this way everything we say we believe it to be true, we believe it to be real and we believe it to be accurate on every level.  So when we tell someone its ok not to be ok they will accept that to be true and stay in that not ok position for even longer than they should, and why well they have the justification now as it’s ok to be this way, so I can stay here longer than planned and everyone will accept it and no one can push me or try and help or direct me to a better place whatever it may be.  Would it not be better if we said this instead?

It’s not ok to be not ok so let’s do something to make you ok. 

You see we are defined by our choices and actions in life and change can occur in an instant, it’s the going over it time upon time again that takes the days, weeks, months and even years on some occasions so why spend all that time then change after it, would it not be better to change now and go in to the world and tackle what’s in front of you strong, focused and happy. So many people state knowledge is power, I don’t I say knowledge is information and we are full of information and can learn information and it won’t make us strong, what will is action, so take that knowledge and turn it in to an action and that becomes power. How many times have you stated when you have achieved, A, B, C you will be happy or when you get X, Y, Z in your life you will be much better. So, the question is when you get what you get who then makes you happy and the plain and simple answer is you. So instead of sitting and waiting for X,Y and Z why don’t we make the change now and do the event or activity or period of time in the state you said you were going to give yourself when you got what you wanted. It’s the very same principle with its ok to not be ok, we just change the whole time line of misery, anxiety, worry, stress, strain, fear and a million other negative emotions. So, let’s not encourage others to stay in the dark by justifying it and let’s do it differently IT`S NOT OK TO BE NOT OK, SO LET’S DO SOMETHING TO MAKE YOU OK.

Knowledge=Action, creates power.

What will you do today to create that change, will you turn your knowledge in to action and power or are you happy to sit and wait a while then realise that’s what you need to do to create the change we so desire then act ?