Imagine if I could reduce and in most cases remove the painful thoughts, feelings and emotions that are controlling your life right now. Would you take me up on it?  Of course, you would, no one wants to suffer endlessly and feel so much pain and emotional battery that they just want to give up and lay in bed for days on end. Well, that’s exactly what NLP and Hypnotherapy offers you and let me just show you why.

Let me just start by saying that these painful thoughts, feelings and emotions that are crippling you are NOT hardwired into your brain. Like every thought, feeling and emotion, they are self-taught and learnt through time and experience and surely if something can be taught it can be untaught.

What we can’t do is change the event, be it a break up a childhood or even adult traumatic experience, they have happened and they have happened for whatever reason, however, they don’t define you as a person and what NLP and Hypnotherapy can do is totally detach you from the emotional side of the occurrence . Now in most cases, it is the emotional trauma that causes the crippling fear, doubt and anxiety.  That is where we can change things, imagine this. When you look at a picture you have taken on holiday you look and get all the memories and feelings of joy and happiness that surrounded the picture. With NLP and Hypnotherapy, it is the equivalent of looking at someone else pictures, no emotional attachment to it and it is just an event that happened. It is something we can look back on learning lessons from and then give our present and our future 100% of our focus and attention. So how do we do that?

In simple terms we re frame your mind set. We remove all the emotional attachment to the event using various NLP and Hypnotherapy Techniques to bring you forward at an unparalleled speed. A normal traumatic experience can take years and years to deal with and move on from. NLP and Hypnotherapy can reduce that to weeks and sometimes even days after only 1 or 2 sessions with the right practitioner. Sounds easy and too good to be true. It’s not but the person dealing with the Stress and Anxiety for whatever reason has to be prepared to put in the work. NLP and Hypnotherapy isn’t a magic wand and is only as effective as the commitment and the drive the client has to change and succeed. so here are a few things to keep in mind before you opt for this course of therapy.

Commitment to change.  You need to want to change these thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You need to want to move past them and move forward in life. If you arrive or reach out to this therapy and aren’t prepared to give it your all each and every time the results can be limited and not as fast acting as someone who wants the change to happen. Now in the early stages of heartbreak, for example, people generally can’t see any positive or good things in life and want to feel the pain in the hope that time will heal everything. Trust me when I say time heals nothing. What you do with your time heals you and the problems you’re facing.  When we decide it’s time to change then it’s time to commit to that change and give it your all every single day until you are exactly where you want to be.

Let the past go. So many times I hear people tell me they are sitting for days weeks and even months thinking and analysing the past and why and how it happened. The past is gone. It can’t be changed or altered and that is a fact, not an opinion or random thought a cold hard fact the past can’t be changed. Sitting thinking about it is a waste of your focus and energy, of course, it is natural to look back and see what mistakes were made in order for us to learn from it. It isn’t natural to waste valuable time that  could be used to heal and recover, that time can be used so much more productively on things we can change and sculpt and aim for i.e the future.

Talk.  Talking is one of the best forms of release, find someone you trust and who will remain neutral and just be there to listen to you, friends, family and therapists are great for that. It’s important to let your emotions out and its a great form of release. It is a bit like acid inside you. The acid will always do more damage to the object it is carried in as opposed to the object it is poured over.

Believe. I promise you no matter how much anxiety, stress and strain your dealing with right now and no matter how long you have suffered it, it can be changed, it can be removed and it can be released allowing you to move forward to a bigger better and brighter future. I know that seems doubtful right now but the results are unquestionable, so many people have sought this type of therapy and nearly each and everyone is now in a better place with a greater understanding and doing exactly what they want to be doing in life.

Serenity NLP Hypnotherapy & Coaching is leading the way in Scotland on how we deal with and recover from these destructive patterns of feelings and emotions. We are here day and night and all you have to do is reach out with a message or call and we will pick you up and have you back on the road to the happier, bigger and better you in no time.