So, it`s Valentine’s Day and that gives people a chance to share in the joy of love and relationships, but not everyone has found love or is in a relationship, so what about the people who haven’t,  there is simply one question to answer:    Do we love or hate it.

And for the ones who are in a relationship please read on you might just be surprised.

The simple answer really is, we should love it, as we love every day we are alive and on the planet, just because the day has a different title to it doesn’t mean we should run away from it or allow it trigger a million different feelings of hurt, pain or despair and let me share with you why.

It matters not if you are single, Married, in a long-term relationship or simply emotionally unavailable. Happiness and joy must always come from within, you see without self-love there can’t be any other form of love in life, you may think there can but honestly (and on a deeply emotional level that is what gives us balance and contentment) how can you really say you’re in love and happy if you awake each day filled with anxiety, Self-doubt, Uncertainty the list goes on and on. When we have self-love all these things you will notice seem to fade away.  It is the greatest love you will find, and It is unconditional.

SO, FOR THE HATERS:  Let us try something different for once, let’s try not to be stuck in the fear of the unknown the fear of being alone the fear of not having anyone to share your love with, you really do we all do.

Let’s close our eyes for a second and think long and hard about what we have in life, do we have something or someone to show our love to. It can be anything or anyone, your children are always a great starting place, your parents, Family and friends can all benefit from the love you have inside you even if you have none of the above and only have a pet, well that is the luckiest pet alive today because today we are going to pick someone or something and show your love and gratitude for them.

All too often I hear I wish I had more time with someone to say or to show them just how much I loved them, Well make that day today. We don’t need to focus on a partner to feel love or wanted just because society tells us that this is a special day, that doesn’t change the fact that today is just as special and as wonderful as you want to make it.  Reach out to a loved one, a friend a family member and simply tell them I love you. Those three little words can go a long way in the correct context with real emotion and feeling behind them.  We can also take this day to remind ourselves of the love we have inside us. Do we need others to lavish us with flowers or gifts? No not at all we can do that all by ourselves and it is just as enjoyable when you have true love for yourself.

Don’t focus on what you don’t have or are missing in life, focus on what you do is the trick here. Everyone has something to be grateful for so let’s focus on that part of our life today and not the things we think we are missing. I can tell you from experience I have known and spoken with people who are much happier single than in a relationship and they truly are content and happy. So, let’s not think about today as a hate day lets replace the hate with good solid old fashioned happiness. It is more powerful than you might think.

NOW FOR THE LOVERS: They say when true love comes calling you know from the instant it hits you that it’s for real and forever and if you have than in life, I commend you, I admire you and I also want the very best in life for you and your true love.

All too often we can become stagnant in relationships, take them for granted and just assume that they are for life.  Don’t fall into that trap as the trap has a habit of closing quicker than it opens. Instead, let’s use today to show our true love exactly what they mean to you. Yes, you can go out and lavish with gifts and flowers and candy and everything else that Thornton sells, or you can try a different approach, A genuine approach an approach that comes from within, so let’s have a look at this.

Here is something that deeply affected me in a relationship I cherished and worshipped at one point and it didn’t cost a penny. It meant more to me than any gift I had ever received before or have to this date it’s called I Love You Because.

To my partner in crime/Love of my life/Soul mate/ (whatever name you call each other)

Today I don’t want to spend money on pointless gifts like the gift I have for you is pure true unconditional love and it goes like this.







Etc. etc. etc., You get the idea. Write on some nice paper, put it in an envelope and give it to your partner whenever you see fit. Look closely at their eyes as they read, look at the happiness you have given, look at the emotions you have created with some simple words.

It is these moments in a relationship that make it all worthwhile. Someone once said you only live once, well that’s not true you live every day you only die once. So every day should be as special as this one.

Married or single whatever you choose to do today,  do it with all the love you can muster and have a beautiful day. Here is a song for everyone on your Valentine’s day enjoy.