Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure. People with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. They may avoid certain situations out of worry concern or fear.

So there we have it the definitive definition of Anxiety.  To me and you it`s just a bunch of words that someone came up with to describe the fear and emotions that eat at you every day if you suffer from it.   What it doesn’t state is that like any emotion, thought or feeling that it can be replaced as easy as it was created. How do we manage that, well that’s the best part YOU, yes you already have everything you need to defeat this crippling emotion and thought process that controls your day to day living. So let’s look at how we understand it and go about beating it.

Here is the first thing to remember, when we came into this earth we were born near on perfect with only two installed fears in us,  loud noises and the fear of falling. Yes, that’s right just look at babies and they are fearless they will crawl downstairs, stick fingers in plug sockets put all sorts of objects in their mouth they really are fearless. And that’s how we all started out, everything else has been taught, shown or externally learned.  One of the most debilitating is of course Anxiety but you were taught and shown that at some point. How would it be if we could reset and go back to the point where we didn’t worry about anxiety, panic or fear. Life would be pretty good right?  Well, believe it or not, you can and it is not as hard as you might think.

Here is what is going on:  The first thing I want to state is the biggest player in all of this is the most powerful element in your whole mind. The subconscious. You see the subconscious is such an amazing and powerful tool that we take it for granted on a daily basis and overlook the importance of it but it really does take care of the majority of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.   In fact, it is responsible for up to 90% of our thinking and behaviour

Now the Subconscious mind belongs to you and you alone,  therefore everything it does it does with a very strong positive intention behind it. It will never hurt, damage or knowingly cause pain to you. Everything and I mean everything it does has a strong positive intention behind it including the Anxiety, worry and fear you are feeling. The behaviour part, however, is that part where the worry, fear and anxiety come from.

So the intention is good but the behaviour it has picked up on to enforce the positive intent is wrong.  So for example:   If you lack confidence because of certain beliefs that you have about yourself (that are stored in your subconscious mind) then you might start to feel anxious around people. That Anxiety will stop you putting yourself in new situations and around new people therefore if we don’t do that then we stay safe and protected and cant be hurt by negativity for example.  You see the intent has a strong positive intention behind it, it is to keep you safe and protected, the behaviour that it has adopted is simply the wrong behaviour for you.  So instead of spending hours upon hours of talking therapy why don’t we just go straight to the subconscious mind and simply change the behaviour. Would that not be a much better option rather than spend hundreds of pounds on talking therapies and not actually feeling much different at the end. You can decide that part for yourself I, however, will go straight to the behaviour change at the subconscious level each and every time Let me explain why.

So many people come in with the very same story, they have been in talking therapy for a while and they haven’t  really made any real noticeable progress,  (and again I have to state despite not being the biggest fan of talking based therapy it does have it`s  place as do all different types of therapy and every person is different and needs a different approach, if your predominte   learning system is auditory then talking therapy would have a higher chance of helping you)   So instead of talking everything over, getting you to re live the negativity, re experience all the pain and turmoil that brought the problem to you we just go straight to the subconcios  and change  the proces and behaviour  using NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques that are tried, tested and proven to be highly effective in the majority of cases.  It is just like pressing the reset button on your phone we take away all the negative behaviours and go back to factory settings where everything is much more simplified and easier to use and understand and in this case we remove the limiting beliefs and behaviours that are causing us the problems, we keep that positive intention and just simply change the behaviour. In a nutshell, we just get you to stand out of your own way and remove all those limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Serenity NLP has helped over 500 people in the last 6 months do exactly this and if you want to be one or find out more then please just get in touch today and we will work on you from the inside out.

Happiness really does happen by change, not chance.