You have three basic choices in life. Give up, Give in, or give it all you’ve got.

Me I choose the third each and every day when I wake because I know the outcomes and the end goals are achievable. I have been overachieving for what some would say all my life. I have been goal setting and achieving my goals since I first left home as a 15-year-old lad still wet behind the ears but with a focus and drive that has guided me in every aspect of my life so far.  So how do we get this mindset? How do we stay this focused all the time and how do we make choices that will in the beginning  hurt us and in the end empower us. Let’s have a look.

Pick achievable goals: Ok everyone needs long and short-term goals, otherwise, your life is like being in a room filled with fog and not being able to see a doorway out. You just wander around aimlessly going from one day to the next with no real direction. Short term goals and long-term goals give us that direction. It will give us a place to start, a place to work on and a final destination.  You see the thing is,  everyone needs a sense of purpose above just being a parent, or being part of a relationship or even an employee we all need some form of personal development and drive to keep us on track. That begins with doing something for us, something that will give you a sense of direction, give you something to wake and fight for every day in your personal life. So pick a short-term goal, for example, I wanted to do a lot more motivational talks and seminars not only in the UK but as far and as wide as the universe was long. So I set about it and dedicated every Sunday afternoon to reach out to PR firms all over the country and world in the hope that one of them would come on board with my idea and vision. Low and behold they have and low and behold my hopes and dreams are turning into reality. You see the effort and work rate you put into them will indeed reflect on how easy it is to achieve them.

All fires start with an ember:  Look we are not saying you have all the drive and determination you need right now to make this happen, but even if you are reading this it means you are searching or looking to make a change so you already have that smouldering ember inside. We just need to put on a small bit of kindling now and the flames of determination, drive and focus will duly appear. it`s  ok to be filled with self-doubt, but as long as you have that small part inside you still smouldering away that’s all we need. So we nurture it, look after it and ultimately build on it and that’s all we need right now. So let’s ask one basic question. Close your eyes look deep inside yourself and ask yourself this. Do I have a want and desire to keep going, build on it and change my life for the better? If you can see it and feel if you already know the answer and that’s all we need. A starting point. Now it gets interesting for us.

Make it a reality: So we have decided that fighting is for us, we have decided to get up and get on with life and we have decided now is the time to do that. First things first, pick your battles wisely and don’t try and take on all your problems at once, before we can run full steam ahead at our hopes and goals its important to have a clear line of sight to them and not allow any unfinished drama or business to detract us from it halfway through. If you have negative people surrounding you, they have to go. If you have a relationship pulling you down it also has to go. If people are constantly telling you cant they too have to go. Get rid of everything that is dragging you down. Remeber happiness by change, not chance and what we have been doing so far hasn’t worked so we change it and go again. Take that first step, apply for the new position. talk to the people you want in life and put plans in place to make your goals a reality. Remember your a fighter now so let’s see that fight and spirit that got you this far.

Slow and steady wins the race: Remeber Rome wasn’t built in a day, that’s why we pick short-term realistic goals to start with. Don’t think in the space of a week your world can be changed inside out and you will never have to worry or be down again. Life is a funny old thing and it is full of twists and turns, ups and downs remember we are making changes daily to our mind and they will take time to catch up if you have been on your knees for a long time to be realistic, do something small each day to be thankful for and enjoy the new-found fighting spirit you have given yourself.

So we have a starting point, we have a plan, and we have made a start today. Well done and you should feel very proud. I have never given in on anything I have ever done in life and it has taken me to exactly where I want and deserve to be in life. I was once as you are now and didn’t think I had any fight left in me, but you know what I had, a small ember. And that turned into a flame and now the flame is a fire burning so brightly and fiercely nothing in the world can change it. Many have tried and still do to this day but as long as you never give up or in we can sculpt a whole new you.

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