If you are reading this then it’s for a reason. Maybe you have thought about becoming a life coach before, Maybe the post sparked your attention and your just looking to learn what it`s all about, or maybe you have seen this on your news feed at the right time and it was meant to be that you found this. Whatever the reason I have to say thank you for reading this and thank you for being brave and thinking outside the box and looking at something that not many people feel they could manage to do or just wouldn’t know where to start. So now I want to show you what we here at Serenity NLP Hypnotherapy and Coaching consider to be the key qualities of an amazing life coach.

Now having worked with 1000s of leaders, managers and life coaches in the past the one thing we have discovered is people who show the following qualities always make the most effective and best life coaches.  We call them the key competency factors to life coaching.

Out the box mindset: Life coaches who are worth their salt tend to spend a lot of time learning and growing and never becoming complacent. As society changes so must we. The most effective life coaches are always capable of stepping outside the box and seeing the bigger Picture and not just the single issue. They are happy to embrace change and understand the complications of the modern day era we live in. Life is not black and white and neither is life coaching.

Curious: Life coaches are curious about others lifestyles and mindsets and how other view situations and environments. If you love seeing instances of instant change when you help others, spend time learning and get excited and feel a rush when you help others, then that is probably a good indicator that life coaching is calling out at you from a subconscious level.

Great Intuition: You will sense that this is pretty strong in you when people always seem to be drawn to you for help, even if it’s just to vent to you or throw different ideas around and listen to your view of it. With this quality, coaching becomes enjoyable as you not only challenge your clients but your own mind on a daily basis.

Humility: Many life coaches are surprised at first by the fact you don’t actually need to have all the answers to be a great life coach. Clients don’t want a know it all life coach who preaches his/her opinions and views on to them. They need  a life coach who has walked a thousand steps in every direction and understands flexibility is the key to momentum in life. If you have faced a thousand battles and managed to rise above and learn from them, then that is exactly the type of person people should be looking to for guidance.

Empathy: Probably one of the biggest and most important factors in a good life coach is the level of empathy they have and show. They have kind, generous and full hearts,  always willing to go that extra mile for someone in need and despair. They get enjoyment out of seeing other fulfil their full potential and are just happy to look back and know they played a part in that journey for someone.

Whats not on the list is glamour, riches or being successful. You don’t need a degree in psychology a bachelors in fine arts or be a member of any fancy organisation. You just need to be you and that is what will make you an amazing life coach.

Life coaching is one of the professions in life that you don’t need a great deal of money to start up your own practice. In fact, the output in relation to the input later if you are a great life coach is next to nothing. You don’t need a fancy website and you don’t even need to spend thousands on advertising. A laptop or tablet and an internet connection with a good social media page set up and you can be up and running in no time. Potential clients just want to know you can help and of course, if you have been trained with a credible well know company or person that shows you have invested in yourself with a reputable name in achieving your new skill set. It creates a certain level of professional assurance that a fancy website, blog or advertising campaign can`t.

Here at the Serenity Life coaching academy, we teach how to set up and advertise for clients on our life coaching course allowing you to hit the ground running. We teach you how to build up a practice from scratch and show and teach the very same methods that gained us 1600 followers in 12 months and 3 weeks,  not bad from 0 when we started last year.

So if you do fancy having one of the most empowering jobs in the world now would be a perfect time. Serenity NLP Hypnotherapy and coaching are miles ahead in terms of methods, techniques and teaching practices and for more information on our next life coaching course please click the link below and with that, I wish each and every one of you inspiration, love and success if you chose to become a life coach.

Love always Serenity x